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Bespoke Wardrobes in American Oak with American Black Walnut Beading

Bespoke Wardrobes in American oak, black walnut beading. Enlargement 1 (0.5 mb)

Polished American oak wardrobes highlighted with American black walnut beading. Bath

Price   £ 7080.00   (2018 price).

  • All natural wood is hand finished to a deep sheen in three coats of durable varnish.

Polished American oak wardrobes highlighted with American black walnut beading in detail;

This 'L' shaped set of Bespoke Wardrobes in Oak was designed to fit into an alcove and along the adjacent wall in the bedroom of a large family house in Bath.

The Outer Face, Cornice, Tongue and Grooved End panels and Door Frames are all in Solid American Oak.

The door frames and door panels are all highlighted (or low-lighted) with American Black Walnut beading.

The interior of the wardrobes has been hand painted in three coats to a white finish.

The left hand wardrobe is split into full and half height hanging space and it has an integral hand painted chest of drawers.

The drawers in the chest of drawers are dovetail jointed out of solid Tulipwood and run on soft-close drawer runners.

The main clothes hanging section of the middle wardrobe in the picture has been divided into two ranks of half height hanging space with the hanger rails extending into the corner.

The right hand wardrobe in the chimney breast alcove primarily contains shelving but there is a triple layer shoe rack on the bottom left hand side.

All three of the wardrobe units have Top-Boxes above the clothes hanging area. The horizontal doors of these top-boxes have been fitted with flap stays so that they lock open when first lifted until they are lifted again to close them.

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Cornice on Bespoke American Oak/Black Walnut Wardrobes. Enlargement 2 ( Three pictures Total = 1.8 mb)

Enlargements ( 3 pictures Total = 1.2 mb)

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