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Bespoke wall-to-wall Wardrobes. Top Box. Enlargement 3 (0.4 mb)

Bespoke Georgian Painted wall to wall Wardrobes

Georgian-style Bespoke Painted wall-to-wall Wardrobes,Bath. Enlargement 1   ( Three pictures Total = 1.2 mb)

Georgian-style Hand-painted wall to wall Bespoke Wardrobes featuring Bi-fold doors, Lock-Open Top-boxes and Pull-out Hanger Rails. Bath

Price   £ 4500.00   (2018 price)

  • All painted furniture is hand painted in three coats of premium quality paint in the customer's choice of colour.

Georgian-style Hand-painted wall to wall Bespoke Wardrobes in detail;

This rank of wall to wall Bespoke Georgian-style Wardrobes was made to fit along the back wall of the main bedroom in a flat overlooking Bath.

As there was an issue with space in the room, the wardrobes were designed to be shallower than normal and made use of Pull-out Hanger Rails so that the clothes could be hung parallel with the back wall.

The central unit of the three wardrobe units has been designed with Bi-fold doors in order to minimise the distance that the doors swing into the room.

The left and right hand wardrobe units have Adjustable height / removable shelves for extra adaptability.

Above the main wardrobe hanging space area are Top-Boxes with a wide shelf area for storage of sheets etc.

The horizontal doors of the Top-Boxes are fitted with 'Flap Stays' so that they remain open when first lifted until they are lifted again to close them.

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