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Bespoke Kitchen Wine Rack. Enlargement 5, Four pictures (Total 2 mb).

Bespoke Kitchen Under-Hob-Drawer. Enlargement 6, Four pictures (Total 2.5 mb).

Extra deep wall units with 100mm baskets on backs of doors. Enlargement 7

Bespoke Galley Kitchen with 'Volcanics' Acrylic-Stone Worksurface

Hand-painted Bespoke Galley Kitchen. Enlargement 1 (0.6 mb).

Hand-painted galley kitchen featuring curved polished 'Volcanics' Acrylic-Stone work-surface with integrated draining board, magic corner, glazed display corner cabinet, glazed wine rack, and built in glass extractor hood.

Price   £ 16,460.   (2018 price).

Note; This revised 2018 price is for the manufacturing and installation of the Kitchen Units, Work-tops, Sink and Plumbing. The price does not include the Appliances or the Tiling although the installation of the appliances is included.

  • Acrylic Stone, which is totally waterproof throughout and comes in a variety of colours, can be moulded and seamlessly jointed into any shape required, in this case enabling the customer to have an under-mounted Butler Sink
  • All drawers are dovetail jointed out of solid hardwood.
  • All the kitchen wall units are 450mm deep, This extra depth enables us to hang 100mm deep chrome baskets on the backs of the doors giving easy access to the extra storage space.
  • All painted furniture is hand painted in three coats of premium quality paint in the customer's choice of colour.

Bespoke Galley Kitchen with 'Volcanics' Acrylic-Stone Worksurface in detail;

This Bespoke Galley Kitchen was designed to provide an efficient working area in a long but narrow kitchen in a cottage in Freshford, near Bath.

The Worktops which are in 'Volcanics' Acrylic Stone have been shaped and polished into concave sweeping curves in the main working areas in front of the Butler Sink and the Integrated Gas Hob. To the right of the sink is an Integrated Draining Board recessed into the work-surface.

Above the Butler Sink is a symmetrical row of Wall Units with Twin Cupboards surrounding a Wine Rack with a glazed door and a wine accessories drawer underneath.

Opposite the sink area the worktop has been installed with an integrated Gas Hob. Below the hob is a chest of drawers containing three dovetail jointed solid tulipwood drawers. The bottom drawer is actually an extra deep Pan Drawer that has been disguised to look like two drawers from the outside.

Above the hob area is an Integrated Extractor Fan that has been built into the surrounding wall units and ducted out through the far right hand wall behind the cornice. The facade of the cupboards surrounding the extractor fan has been designed to mirror the symmetrical wall units above the sink.

All the Door Frames of the Cupboards and Drawer units are Staff Beaded with an 8 mm staff bead.

The Cupboards of the wall units are 100 mm deeper than standard kitchen wall units and so the Cupboard Doors have been fitted with 100 mm deep Chrome Wire Cages on the backs of the doors giving easy access to the extra storage space.

To the far right of the extractor fan is a set of Glazed Display Cupboards with Bi-fold doors. The display cupboards run right into the alcove beside the oven and conceal the extractor fan's ducting behind their cornice.

The cupboard under the worktop below the display cupboards have been fitted with a 'Magic Corner' (see next main page) giving access to the storage space in the adjacent alcove.

The Kitchen Units are painted in Farrow and Ball's 'Pointing no.2003'.

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Integrated Draining Board in 'Volcanics' Acrylic-Stone work-surface. Enlargement 2.   (0.6 mb).

Hand-painted Bespoke Galley Kitchen. Enlargement 3 (0.6 mb).

Hand-painted Bespoke Galley Kitchen. Enlargement 4 (0.6 mb).

Plan of Hand-painted Bespoke Galley Kitchen. Click for Enlargement (0.1 mb).

Panorama of Bespoke Galley Kitchen, Seven pictures (Total 3.0 MB)

Display Cupboard Bi-fold Doors in Bespoke Galley Kitchen, Five pictures (Total 3 MB)

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