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Hand Painted Bespoke Bookshelves

Bespoke Bookshelves surround Door, Click for Enlargement 1 (0.6 MB)

Bespoke Hand Painted Bookshelves with CD storage surround a door, Norton St Philip.

Price   £ 5420.00   (2018 price).

Price for large left hand unit alone   £ 4350.00   (2018 price).

  • All painted furniture is hand painted in three coats of premium quality paint in the customer's choice of colour.

Bespoke Bookshelves in Detail;

These two hand painted Bookshelves with CD storage were designed to surround a door for a customer in Norton St Philip.

The larger Bookshelf unit to the left hand side of the door in the picture is divided into five sections with the larger central unit subdivided into three sections above and below the tall central space for larger books.

Each of the units has four rigid "Box Section" shelves for strength and structural stability and then for extra adaptability it has another four adjustable height / removable shelves spanning the shorter widths.

As can be seen in the photographs, the fourth unit along, just to the right of the large central bookcase unit, has had to be built around a structural buttress protrusion in the wall. Whilst this does reduce the shelf depth in that unit, the space left was an ideal depth for CD storage and the unit itself effectively disguises the structural buttress on the wall.

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Bespoke Bookshelves, Click for Enlargement 2 (0.6 mb.)

Bespoke Bookshelves, Click for Enlargement 3 (0.7 mb.)

Bespoke Bookshelves, Click for Enlargement 4 (0.7 mb.)

Bespoke Bookshelves, Click for Enlargement 5 (0.7 mb.)

Plan of Bespoke Bookshelves, Click for Enlargement 6 (0.1 mb.)

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