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Compact Spare-Room Office / Study with Wardrobes

Bespoke Painted Compact Home Office / Study, Solid Oak Curved Desk. Enlargement 1 (0.5 mb).

Bespoke Compact Home office built into a spare room including Oak Desk, Two Filing Cabinets, Box File shelves in Cupboards with Bi-fold Doors and Wardrobe space. Swindon.

Price   £ 4180.00   (2018 price).

  • All painted furniture is hand painted in three coats of premium quality paint in the colour of the customer's choice.
  • All natural wood is hand finished to a deep sheen in three coats of durable varnish.

Compact Spare-Room Office / Study with Wardrobes in detail;

When you're pushed for space, bespoke furniture can sometimes provide solutions that would be impossible to achieve with mass produced furniture. In this room (which measures only 2.5 x 1.9 meters) Robert was able to design and build an office with two filing cabinets and three meters of box file shelf space. The design also incorporates two wardrobes whilst still leaving room to access the awkwardly placed loft hatch!

The desktop is in Polished Solid American Oak.

Surrounding the work area on either side, below the Oak desktop, are Twin Filing Cabinets. The revised price on this page is for the filing cabinet drawers to be dovetail jointed out of solid Tulipwood. The Drawers run on heavy duty filing cabinet drawer runners and have notches for stainless steel file hanger rails in two positions.

To the right of the Box File storage Cupboards is a single wardrobe and then, hung on the right hand side of the wardrobe, then on battens on the wall are a set of Double Doors concealing a further shelf and hanger rail and the loft hatch above.

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Bespoke Painted Compact Home Office / Study, Solid Oak Curved Desk. Plans. Enlargement 2 (0.6 mb).

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