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Bespoke Furniture, Alcove Drinks/Display Cabinet Walnut Doors, Dovetailed Drawers, Bath, Enlargement 3 (0.6 mb)

Bespoke Alcove Display Cabinet

Bespoke Furniture, Alcove Drinks/Display Cabinet Walnut Doors, Glass Shelves, Bath, Enlargement 1 (0.5 MB)

Illuminated display / drinks cabinet featuring American black walnut glazed doors and glass shelves on upper cabinet with high gloss Oriental style original hand-painted artwork on door panels and dovetailed American black walnut drawers on pedestal. Bath

Price   £ 5080.00   (2018 price).

  • All painted furniture is hand painted in three coats of premium quality paint in the customer's choice of colour.

Bespoke Alcove Display Cabinet in detail;

This Bespoke Display Cabinet was commissioned by some clients in Bath to fit into an alcove adjacent to a fireplace. The top section of the display cabinet features American black walnut glazed cabinet doors made in the traditional style with wedged mortise and tenon jointed doors.

Surrounding the middle section with the walnut doors on either side are arched display compartments each containing three glass display shelves. The glass display shelves are 12 mm thick and have ground and polished edges. All the shelves in the upper section of the display cabinet are specifically made in glass in order for the down-lighters, fitted above, to be able to shed light on the lower display shelves as well as the upper display shelves.

The upper section (Display Shelves) and the lower section (Pedestal Base) of the display cabinet are divided by a polished high gloss black worktop (emulating the black lacquered or 'Japanned' furniture of the oriental style) for pouring drinks. This worktop is polished to a mirror finish as can be seen by clicking on the picture of the pedestal base in the lower left hand column. The worktop is 40 mm thick and has a bull-nose moulding around the edge. It is also bow fronted, with the middle protruding further than the sides in a shallow sweeping convex curve.

The lower section of the bespoke display cabinet (or pedestal base) features, in the middle, two more American black walnut wedged mortise and tenoned cabinet doors but in this case the doors have original oriental style artwork on their door panels. The door panels with the original artwork are also polished to a high gloss mirror finish to match the drinks worktop above.

Next to the cabinet doors, on the left, is a set of four solid American black walnut dovetail jointed drawers.

Mirroring the dovetail drawers in style but not in function, on the right there is a 'pull out drinks rack' (again this can be viewed by clicking on the pedestal base picture of the display cabinet at the bottom of the left hand column). This pull out drinks rack is disguised to exactly match the dovetailed drawers on the left.

As with all Robert's fitted furniture the Display / Drinks Cabinet is meticulously scribed (cut to fit exactly to the walls regardless of whether the walls are even or uneven) to the walls on either side.

The painted components of the drinks cabinet were hand painted with three coats of Farrow and Ball paint to exactly match the client's existing skirting, picture rail and architrave.

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Bespoke Furniture, Alcove Drinks/Display Cabinet Walnut Doors, Glass Shelves, Bath, Enlargement 2 (0.5 MB)

Bespoke Furniture, Alcove Drinks/Display Cabinet Walnut Doors, Glass Shelves, Bath, Enlargement 2 (0.5 MB)

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